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Taylor & Blair LLP have created this handbook to assist as a guide to individuals who have had their legitimate disability claim denied.

Our Disability Denial Handbook has helpful information like:

  • Ways to challenge the denial of your disability claim
  • Frequently asked disability denial questions
  • A list of resources that can help you navigate your disability, including general disability assistance, counselling services, phone and internet discount information, and many more.
  • How working with a lawyer can help you

The information in this handbook can assist these individuals in appealing the decision to deny their disability claim and provide insight into the different avenues available to challenge your denial.

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This handbook is not to be taken as legal advice. If you require legal advice regarding your claim for denied disability benefits contact the lawyers at Taylor & Blair LLP 

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Disability insurance is purchased to provide peace of mind and financial support when, due to injury or illness, an individual is rendered disabled from working. For many people losing the ability to work can be a significant blow. To find out that you won’t be able to rely on the disability benefits you were counting on can be disastrous one.

Most people think of their insurance company as being “on their side”. This couldn’t be further from the truth. An insurance company is a business, and the goal of their business is to make a profit and the only way they can make a profit is to take in more money than they pay out. If an insurance company can think of a basis to deny a claim, they will, even if the basis is questionable at best.



Insurance companies can come up with many reasons to deny a disability claim, with the most common being:

  • The cause of the disability is excluded in the policy language.
  • Lack of sufficient medical evidence to support the claim.
  • A misrepresentation on the application for the insurance policy.
  • The insured refusing to participate in a return to work program or attend an independent medical examination when asked to by the insurance company.
  • The disability claim was filed outside the timeframe laid out in the policy.
  • Failure to be under the care of a medical practitioner.
  • Failure to provide the insurer with requested documents.
  • A change in the definition of “disabled” under the terms of the policy.
  • Surveillance shows you doing things you said you could not do.

How Taylor and Blair LLP Can Help You

After an accident, illness, or bereavement, an insurance claim denial often puts an increased amount of financial burden on you or your family. It may not be obvious where to turn. The lawyers at Taylor & Blair LLP have expertise in helping individuals obtain fair compensation from large insurance companies.

Often claims are denied over allegations of misrepresentations, which include alleged violations of coverage conditions, exclusion of risk, or defects in proof of loss, all of which can be difficult to navigate without the experience and knowledge necessary to understand the nuances of insurance policies.

Receiving legal advice is often vital in challenging a denied claim. Our team of experienced insurance denial lawyers will take care to review your case, identify the likely reasons behind the denial, and work to help you get the decision reversed.

When you hire us, we will be the professionals who will work on your file. The lawyer you meet with in your first meeting will most likely be the lawyer who handles your case until it is completed. You will work together with your lawyer and paralegal to sort through details and create a strong case. We take the time to make sure we fully understand the extent of your injuries, illness, or bereavement, the legal issues involved in your case, explain your options to you, and keep you informed about the progress of your case.