Vancouver Insurance Denial Lawyers

Taylor & Blair LLP was founded in 1993 by Graham Taylor and Kevin Blair. The firm has grown over the years from a boutique personal injury law practice to a team of trial lawyers also offering insurance denial services, employment law, and estate litigation, as well as other areas of law. Our lawyers serve help people across British Columbia from our head office on West Broadway as well as six (6) community offices across the Lower Mainland.

When you hire us, we will be the professionals who will work on your file. The lawyer you meet with in your first meeting will most likely be the lawyer who handles your case until it is completed. You will work together with your lawyer and paralegal to sort through details and create a strong case. We take the time to make sure we fully understand the extent of your injuries, illness, or bereavement, the legal issues involved in your case, explain your options to you, and keep you informed about the progress of your case.

Insurance Denial Cases

After an accident, illness, or bereavement, an insurance claim denial often puts an increased amount of financial burden on you or your family. It may not be obvious where to turn. The lawyers at Taylor & Blair LLP have expertise in helping individuals obtain fair compensation from large insurance companies.

Receiving legal advice is often vital in challenging a denied claim. Our team of experienced insurance denial lawyers will take care to review your case, identify the likely reasons behind the denial, and work to help you get the decision reversed.  Often claims are denied over allegations of misrepresentations, which include alleged violations of coverage conditions, exclusion of risk, or defects in proof of loss, all of which can be difficult to navigate without the experience and knowledge necessary to understand the nuances of insurance policies. 

We have years of experience working with all forms of legal dispute resolution (negotiation, mediation and court) that exist in BC to deal with disputes with insurance companies.  We have successfully appeared for clients in cases in the British Columbia Provincial Court, British Columbia Supreme Court, the British Columbia Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court of Canada.