Insurance Denial Resources

Most people think of their insurance company as being “on their side”. This couldn’t be further from the truth. An insurance company is a business, and the goal of their business is to make a profit and the only way they can make a profit is to take in more money than they pay out. If an insurance company can think of a basis to deny a claim, they will, even if the basis is questionable at best.

Our team has decades of experience helping people who have had their insurance claims denied. It’s important to be as educated as you can while navigating your options, which is why we have put together several resources that can help you decide how to best move forward after your claim has been denied.


Free Disability Denial Handbook


Taylor & Blair LLP has put together a free Disability Denial handbook that gives insight into what steps you can take when your long-term disability has been denied and to best position yourself for an appeal or if you have to start a lawsuit.

There is also a collection of resources for British Columbian’s who are on or have been denied long-term disability.  We understand the financial strain being denied your disability benefits can cause and along with providing resources for general disability assistance, the free Disability Denial Handbook provides advice on accessing low cost or free counselling services, access to affordable groceries, prescriptions, phone and internet access and other free activities, including for children.


Tips for Dealing With Your Insurance Company


The unfortunate reality is many legitimate insurance claims are denied every year. The statistics show that around 60% of long-term disability claims alone are denied on a yearly basis in Canada. Often when clients call our firm, they can’t believe that their insurance company would do that to them. The purpose of this guide is to try to help make sure you don’t need to become one of our clients in the first place by giving you some of the information you need to deal with your insurance company on your own.


Frequently Asked Questions about Insurance Denials


Our Frequently Asked Questions page lists some of the most commonly asked questions regarding denied insurance claims and helps you understand the language and get a better sense of what to expect.


Insurance Denial Blogs


Our Insurance Denial Blog has blog posts on different types of insurance denials, why insurance denials happen and what you can expect, real world events that can impact those dealing with denied insurance and posts about Taylor & Blair LLP and our involvement in the insurance denial world.

These resources are not to be taken as legal advice. If you require legal advice regarding your claim for denied disability benefits contact the lawyers at Taylor & Blair LLP online at [email protected] or call 604-737-6900 or toll free at 1-877-515-0903.