Schedule a Meeting With Our Vancouver Insurance Denial Lawyers

It is normal to feel overwhelmed by a legal problem, particularly if you are injured and trying to recover from an accident or illness. We need to hear your story in order to determine if we can help. As one of the premier insurance denial firms in Vancouver, we can:

  • explain your legal problem to you
  • explain the law to you
  • evaluate your case and present its strengths and weaknesses to you
  • explain your legal options
  • take care of all dealings with the insurance company
  • protect your legal rights
  • advocate for you and act on your behalf so you don’t have to
  • help to negotiate a settlement so you don’t have to go to court
  • prepare you for court if it becomes necessary

No matter where you are in your legal challenges, we can help support and guide you through until your case is closed. Your insurance company is banking on you giving-up. Even if you’ve tried to solve the problem yourself, it is not too late to come and talk to us. Our lawyers take the time to help you understand your case by explaining it to you in plain language—so that you’ll clearly know your options and what course of action you should take.

Your first visit is free

The basis of all good professional relationships is communication and trust. We are good listeners—we want to understand you, your concerns, and your legal problem. You need to understand the information surrounding your case and trust that we will guide you with correct and sound legal advice. During your first visit, we will listen to you explain your circumstances and case, and lay out the path to resolution—all informed by our years of legal study and experience.

Come and meet us and you will find us easy to talk to. One of us – Kevin Blair, Brian Jacobson,  David Goldberg or Benjamin Tarnow – will personally meet you to talk about your accident, injury, or illness. We understand that you, your case, and your situation are all unique. While working with us, you’ll be working with professionals who care and experts who will treat you as real allies. Your personal rehabilitation and compensation will be our number one priority throughout your case.

We understand that choosing a lawyer is not a simple choice, which is why we won’t ever put undue pressure on your decision. There is no cost to you for your first visit, and no obligation to continue with our professional services.

To make it easier for you to visit with us, we are available for appointments at seven locations throughout the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. Come see us at our offices in Vancouver, North Vancouver, Richmond, Port Coquitlam, Burnaby, Surrey and Langley. 

Unable to visit one of our offices due to injury or illness? Just let us know and we can arrange to meet you at your home or in the hospital.

How much will it cost?

It won’t cost you anything to meet with us initially and tell us about your case. 

If you have a legal problem we can help with, you don’t pay us unless we get you a settlement or judgment.  Our fees are based on a percentage of your claim that you are ultimately able to recover from your insurer. The percentage of our contingency fee is based on several factors including the complexity of your case, the behaviour of your insurer to date, the anticipated time to receive a pay-out from your insurer, and the total value of your claim. 

This means there is no cost to you for our legal services while we are working on the case. It also means that you don’t pay legal fees if you are not successful.

What do we need to know?


As in all your other relationships with professionals, we need to know who you are—including a bit of personal information (such as your occupation), your personal circumstances, and how we can contact you. For your first appointment, we also request that you bring documents regarding the nature of your insurance denial.

  • It’s a good idea to bring a file of documents with you when you come to a meeting. If you’re disputing an insurance claim denial, important documents can include your insurance policy, the claim you have filed, the denial letter, documentation from meetings with medical professionals, and, if your claim arises out of an accident, any documentation relating to that accident.
  • If it helps you remember details, you can write a short summary of what and when things happened and give it to us.
  • You can also write down questions that you would like to ask us, like whether you need to contact witnesses or how long it will take to settle your case.
  • Most importantly, we’ll ask you questions about your legal problem. If you were in a accident, we’ll need to hear about what happened. If you were injured and off work for a period of time, we’ll need to hear about that, too. If you don’t know whether information is important, just tell us everything and we’ll sort out what is relevant to your case. We’re here to listen and to ask you questions about things we need to know.

Need more details about what to bring to your first meeting? See our checklist. Reading it before you meet with us will remind you to prepare certain essential facts and documents beforehand that will help us fight for your case in court. Make sure you are prepared with information about the events surrounding your insurance denial.

Thank you for visiting the site of one of the preeminent insurance denial firms in Vancouver. We’re excited to work with you and know that you will have a positive experience with everyone at the firm of Taylor and Blair LLP. Call us today to schedule an appointment.