Disability Claim Denial Lawyers

Due to an accident or an illness you may need to claim disability benefits to cover your loss of income for a period of time.

Short Term Disability and Long-Term Disability Claim Denial Lawyers

There are two (2) types of disability insurance coverage in BC:

  • Short Term Disability (STD) coverage; and
  •  Long-Term Disability (LTD) coverage. 

Disability coverage ensures that you and your family are protected if you unable to work. The nature of your disability will dictate the coverage you’ll need. Short term disability insurance helps cover expenses, typically for up to six (6) months, while you are recovering from your illness or injury. Long-term disability coverage then begins after your short-term disability insurance runs out. 

Proving a disability claim, no matter how legitimate, can be difficult.  Insurance companies may deny your claim for a number of reasons, sometimes for no other reason than to support their bottom line.  Insurance companies may use medical evidence and policy restrictions to avoid payouts. They may go so far as to monitor your social media accounts or hiring private eyes for evidence of misrepresentation. Disputing an insurance denial can be difficult because of the restrictions listed in the policy and the complicated legal issues that can arise out of your insurance contract. 

If your disability insurance claim has been denied, please contact our experienced team of disability insurance lawyers. The lawyers at Taylor & Blair LLP will be able to review your policy, explain the legal issues to you in plain language you understand, and help you can make informed decisions about your options.  We will work hard to make sure you get what you are entitled to. 

Timelines matter for disability claims.  There are often time limitations in place in your insurance contract that will prevent you from taking legal action after receiving a policy denial.  It is important to move quickly when looking for legal advice.