Insurance Claim Denial Lawyers for Fractures Resulting in a Disability

Accidents have many effects, physically and emotionally. One obvious, damaging effect that can occur is bone fractures.  These can be extremely serious and result in surgeries which leave people disabled from work for months, if not permanently.

What Qualifies as a Bone Fracture?

The simplest explanation of a fracture is “a broken bone,” but the reality is more complex. Bone fractures can occur almost anywhere in the body, and with varying degrees of severity.

There are different types of fractures, most notably open fractures, closed fractures and a comminuted fracture.

  • Open Fracture – An open fracture occurs when a bone or bones break through the skin.  These types of fractures are much more shocking to the individuals who suffer them, but also leaves people susceptible to infection.
  • Closed Fracture – A closed fracture occurs when a bone or bones are broken, but it occurs within the body without any puncturing of the skin.
  • Comminuted Fracture – A comminuted fracture occurs when a bone fractured into more than pieces.  This can be a fracture of three or more pieces, or it could be so severe that the bone is shattered into multiple pieces. 

All fractures are painful and can impair movement and quality of life. With a bone fracture, often there is a surgery with an associated recovery period and you are often unable to work until the fracture is completely healed, which can require extensive physical therapy to heal properly. Even after that, some fractures require more than one surgery, or simply do not heal well, leaving individuals with ongoing pain and restrictions in range of movement and functionality.  These types of situations can result in ongoing disabilities.

Dealing with an insurance denial can be a stressful and complicated process.  These claims involve complex contractual issues as well as an understanding of the medical information required to prove your claim.  Having a lawyer who specializes in insurance denial on your side will help to reduce your stress and ensure you get what you are entitled to.  If you have a fracture long-term disability claim that has been denied, contact the lawyers at Taylor & Blair LLP today.