Insurance Denial Lawyers and The Policies and Insurers We Deal With

Generally speaking, there are two types of disability insurance policies, Group Policies and Individual or Private Policies.

Disability Claims with Group Policies

Group policies are usually received as a benefit from an employer, association, or union as a part of a person’s employment.  Often no medical examination is required, and you automatically are insured as part of the group policy.  Generally speaking, the benefits paid out from these policies are less than those paid out from Individual policies.  Some of the types of disability claims that you see with group policies include:

  • Trucker Disability Claims
  • Dock Worker Disability Claims
  • Nursing Disability Claims
  • Teacher Disability Claims
  • Correctional Officer Disability Claims
  • Paramedic Disability Claims
  • Canada Post Disability Claims

Disability Claims with Individual or Private Policies

Individual or Private policies are used for those who are self-employed, often professionals or high income-earners.  These policies allow them to purchase a plan specifically tailored to their needs.  These policies will require a medical examination before an insurer will enter into them.  The type of disability claims that you see with individual or private policies include:

  • Business Owner Disability Claims
  • Lawyer Disability Claims
  • Doctor Disability Claims
  • Accountant Disability Claims
  • Banking/Financial Advisor Disability Claims
  • Plumber or Other Trades Disability Claims
  • Executive Disability Claims

Both Group and Individual/Private polices usually cover the individual through two periods.  For the first period, usually the first 2 years of disability, coverage is usually provided if you are disabled from performing your own occupation.  This is often called the “own occupation” period.  Thereafter, coverage is usually provided only if you are disabled from performing any occupation, which is often a much higher bar.  This is often called the “any occupation” period.

The lawyers at Taylor & Blair LLP also have expertise in dealing with denied claims on life insurance policies.  Life insurance policies are almost always denied on the basis of the accusation of a misrepresentation in the initial insurance application.

Insurance Denial Claims with British Columbia Insurers

We have represented clients in British Columbia with claims against the following insurers: