Mortgage Protection Insurance Denials

Taylor & Blair LLP was recently featured on the Advocate Daily where Kevin Blair discussed Mortgage Protection Insurance Denials

For those lucky enough to have one, most people’s largest asset is their house, and their largest debt is their mortgage.  For Canadians in general, and Vancouverites in specific, the Continue reading

What To Do If Your Life Insurance Claim Is Denied?

The Insurance World – What is Insurable?

The insurance industry is a global one that is interconnected throughout most countries, industries, and activities of daily life the world over.  Something that happens in the Eastern hemisphere could have implications on insurance companies in the Western hemisphere.  This may seem complicated … Continue reading

Taylor & Blair LLP Win For Client Leaving Disability Featured On CTV News

Taylor & Blair LLP fights hard for our client’s rights when they’ve been denied their life insurance, critical illness insurance, or long-term disability insurance benefits.  Every once in a while, we also find ourselves helping our clients in their return to work from long-term disability leave.

Our … Continue reading