Employer Paid vs. Employee Paid Premiums for Denied Long-Term Disability Benefits

Long-term disability benefits provide financial support to individuals who can no longer earn income from their job, or any job, due to a medical disability. There are different types of long-term disability policies out there with different terms and arrangements. One of the main differences you see are personal long-term … Continue reading

Understanding Long-Term Disability Insurance Premium Waivers

What Is a Premium Waiver in Long-Term Disability Insurance?

Long-term disability insurance policies exist as a safety net for individuals if, through accident or illness, they become unable to perform their duties of employment. As with other types of insurance, in order to keep your policy in good standing premiums … Continue reading

Taylor & Blair LLP Win For Client Leaving Disability Featured On CTV News

Taylor & Blair LLP fights hard for our client’s rights when they’ve been denied their life insurance, critical illness insurance, or long-term disability insurance benefits.  Every once in a while, we also find ourselves helping our clients in their return to work from long-term disability leave.

Our … Continue reading