Long-Term Disability & Return to Work Programs

As discussed many times in this blog, your relationship with your insurance company is one based on contract. Your insurance policy lays out the responsibilities and obligations of the insured and the insurer.  The basic provisions of all insurance policies are that you pay insurance premiums to your insurance company, … Continue reading

Is Your Long-Term Disability Provider Watching You?

While this usually comes to the surprise of most people who are currently receiving long-term disability benefits, your insurance company is not your friend. They are providing you with long-term disability benefits because they are contractually obliged to, not out of some sense of altruism.

Not only are they only Continue reading

Own Occupation Period vs. Any Occupation Period – The Devil Is In The Definitions

When it comes to client’s who have been denied their long-term disability benefits, we have many that when they first contact us are surprised that their own insurance company would treat them so unfairly.  They believe that since they have been paying their insurance premiums for however many years … Continue reading