Common Reasons Life Insurance Claims Are Denied

Group Life Insurance vs. Private Life Insurance

There are, generally speaking, two types of life insurance products that people pay for in Canada. 

The first type of life insurance is that found in group policies, which come with a set insurance benefits package employers provide to their employees as a perk of employment. Before offering group insurance policies to employers to offer their employees an insurance company will consider things like the type of industry the employer operates in, the demographic of the usual employees for that type of industry and that employer, or other similar employers, claim history with the insurance company. The insurance company will use that information to determine life insurance benefits and the associated premiums. They usually do not look at a specific individual while underwriting group life insurance policies and as such the coverage is usually for a lesser amount.

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Own Occupation Period vs. Any Occupation Period – The Devil Is In The Definitions

When it comes to client’s who have been denied their long-term disability benefits, we have many that when they first contact us are surprised that their own insurance company would treat them so unfairly.  They believe that since they have been paying their insurance premiums for however many years that their insurance company would fight on their behalf to ensure they obtained access to the disability benefits they are entitled to.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

At the end of the day the insurance company has only three considerations when it comes to their operations.  The first is: take in as much money as possible.  The second: pay out as little money as possible.  A far distant third consideration is: try not to get sued.  Concepts of “fairness” do not come into the equation.  The relationship between an insured individual and their insurance company is a strictly … Continue reading

The Important Role Of Doctors In Obtaining Long-Term Disability Benefits

All long-term disability policies require a medical report to be approved.  For many people the obvious choice for a medical report is their family doctor as these doctors often have a long history with their patients and are familiar with their physical and mental health history, which is often important in long-term disability applications.  Most family doctors are passionate about caring for their patients and want to help their patients when they can and gladly assist their patients in applying for long-term disability benefits if it will help them at the end of the day.

However, your long-term disability application isn’t about what is good for you or what you or your doctor would like, it’s about the insurance company’s obligations under the terms of your insurance policy.  It is a strictly contractual relationship, and you can be sure that the insurance company won’t provide you any benefits they … Continue reading

Long COVID & Long-Term Disability

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began in early 2020 most of the news surrounding the virus was focused on the number of hospitalizations and death that resulted from COVID-19 infections.  Over the years as the COVID-19 virus has been better understood and immunity has increased with the roll out of the vaccines and from natural immunity, it has become clear that COVID-19 will be with us for the foreseeable future and the new focus of COVID-19 has become those infected that end up with long-term symptoms, often called Long COVID.

Symptoms of Long COVID

Long COVID is more common than most people think with one study showing that 15% of Canadians infected with COVID-19 end up suffering from long-term symptoms.  Unfortunately, COVID-19 is still not well understood and how and why the various symptoms occur is still a mystery for the most part.  Long COVID symptoms are incredibly varied and require Continue reading

Mortgage Protection Insurance Denials

Taylor & Blair LLP was recently featured on the Advocate Daily where Kevin Blair discussed Mortgage Protection Insurance Denials

For those lucky enough to have one, most people’s largest asset is their house, and their largest debt is their mortgage.  For Canadians in general, and Vancouverites in specific, the cost of housing and the size of mortgages have ballooned to the point where they are some of the highest in the world.  With the recent interest rate hikes many British Columbians are worried about being able to meet their mortgage obligations.  It is not just a varied market that can stop people from meeting their mortgage payments, quite often an unexpected injury or illness, or even a death can prevent individuals from being able to afford their mortgage payments.  Fortunately, there is a type of insurance to deal with these situations: mortgage protection insurance.

What Is Mortgage Protection Insurance

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